World's Highest-Paid Athletes

If you want to know who is on the Top of the highest-paid athletes here data from Forbes on 2014
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These are the list World's highest-paid athletes

1Floyd Mayweather Jr.BoxingUnited States United States$105 million$105 million$0
2Cristiano RonaldoFootballPortugal Portugal$80 million$52 million$28 million
3LeBron JamesBasketballUnited States United States$72.3 million$19.3 million$53 million
4Lionel MessiFootballArgentina Argentina$64.7 million$41.7 million$23 million
5Kobe BryantBasketballUnited States United States$61.5 million$30.5 million$31 million
6Tiger WoodsGolfUnited States United States$61.2 million$6.2 million$55 million
7Roger FedererTennisSwitzerland Switzerland$56.2 million$4.2 million$52 million
8Phil MickelsonGolfUnited States United States$53.2 million$5.2 million$48 million
9Rafael NadalTennisSpain Spain$44.5 million$14.5 million$30 million
10Matt RyanAmerican footballUnited States United States$43.8 million$42 million$1.8 million
11Manny PacquiaoBoxingPhilippines Philippines$41.8 million$41 million$0.8 million
12Zlatan IbrahimovićFootballSweden Sweden$40.4 million$36.4 million$4 million
13Derrick RoseBasketballUnited States United States$36.6 million$17.6 million$19 million
14Gareth BaleFootballWales Wales$36.4 million$25.4 million$11 million
15Radamel FalcaoFootballColombia Colombia$35.4 million$32.4 million$3 million
16NeymarFootballBrazil Brazil$33.6 million$17.6 million$16 million
17Novak DjokovicTennisSerbia Serbia$33.1 million$12.1 million$21 million
18Matthew StaffordAmerican footballUnited States United States$33 million$31.5 million$1.5 million
19Lewis HamiltonFormula 1United Kingdom United Kingdom$32 million$29 million$3 million
20Kevin DurantBasketballUnited States United States$31.9 million$17.9 million$14 million
21Fernando AlonsoFormula 1Spain Spain$31 million$29 million$2 million
22Mahendra Singh DhoniCricketIndia India$30 million$4 million$26 million
23Dwyane WadeBasketballUnited States United States$29.9 million$18.9 million$11 million
24Carmelo AnthonyBasketballUnited States United States$29.4 million$21.4 million$8 million
25Wladimir KlitschkoBoxingUkraine Ukraine$28 million$24 million$4 million
26Peyton ManningAmerican footballUnited States United States$27.1 million$15.1 million$12 million
27Amar'e StoudemireBasketballUnited States United States$26.7 million$21.7 million$5 million
28Dale Earnhardt, Jr.Auto racingUnited States United States$25.9 million$14.9 million$11 million
29Dwight HowardBasketballUnited States United States$25.5 million$20.5 million$5 million
30Cliff LeeBaseballUnited States United States$25.3 million$25.1 million$0.2 million
31Joe MauerBaseballUnited States United States$24.8 million$23 million$1.8 million
32Miguel CabreraBaseballVenezuela Venezuela$24.6 million$22.6 million$2 million
33Zack GreinkeBaseballUnited States United States$24.5 million$24.4 million$0.05 million
34Maria SharapovaTennisRussia Russia$24.4 million$2.4 million$22 million
35Derek JeterBaseballUnited States United States$24.3 million$15.3 million$9 million
36Rory McIlroyGolfNorthern Ireland Northern Ireland$24.3 million$4.3 million$20 million
37Chris PaulBasketballUnited States United States$24.2 million$18.7 million$5.5 million
38CC SabathiaBaseballUnited States United States$24.2 million$23 million$1.2 million
39Prince FielderBaseballUnited States United States$23.9 million$23.5 million$0.4 million
40Darrelle RevisAmerican footballUnited States United States$23.8 million$23 million$0.8 million
41Li NaTennisChina China$23.6 million$5.6 million$18 million
42Jimmie JohnsonAuto racingUnited States United States$23.5 million$17 million$6.5 million
43Wayne RooneyFootballEngland England$23.4 million$18.4 million$5 million
44Sergio AgüeroFootballArgentina Argentina$23.3 million$18.3 million$5 million
45Usain BoltTrack and fieldJamaica Jamaica$23.2 million$0.2 million$23 million
46Dirk NowitzkiBasketballGermany Germany$23.2 million$22.7 million$0.5 million
47Blake GriffinBasketballUnited States United States$23 million$16.5 million$6.5 million
48Alex RodriguezBaseballUnited States United States$22.9 million$22.6 million$0.3 million
49Johan SantanaBaseballVenezuela Venezuela$22.9 million$22.5 million$0.4 million
50Mark TeixeiraBaseballUnited States United States$22.7 million$22.5 million$0.2 million
51Matt KempBaseballUnited States United States$22.6 million$21.8 million$0.8 million
52Joe JohnsonBasketballUnited States United States$22.5 million$21.5 million$1 million
53Geno AtkinsAmerican footballUnited States United States$22.4 million$22.3 million$0.05 million
54Ryan HowardBaseballUnited States United States$22.4 million$21.7 million$0.7 million
55Aaron RodgersAmerican footballUnited States United States$22 million$14.5 million$7.5 million
56Serena WilliamsTennisUnited States United States$22 million$11 million$11 million
57Chris BoshBasketballUnited States United States$21.8 million$19.3 million$2.5 million
58Pau GasolBasketballSpain Spain$21.8 million$19.3 million$2.5 million
59Yaya TouréFootballIvory Coast Ivory Coast$21.7 million$19.2 million$2.5 million
60Robinson CanóBaseballDominican Republic Dominican Republic$21.5 million$18 million$3.5 million
61Adrian GonzalezBaseballUnited States United States$21.5 million$21.1 million$0.4 million
62Joe HadenAmerican footballUnited States United States$21.4 million$21.2 million$0.15 million
63Fernando TorresFootballSpain Spain$21.3 million$17.8 million$3.5 million
64Henrik StensonGolfSweden Sweden$21.2 million$18 million$3.2 million
65Vernon WellsBaseballUnited States United States$21.1 million$21 million$0.1 million
66Canelo ÁlvarezBoxingMexico Mexico$21 million$19.5 million$1.5 million
67Drew BreesAmerican footballUnited States United States$21 million$10 million$11 million
68Eli ManningAmerican footballUnited States United States$21 million$13.5 million$7.5 million
69Julius PeppersAmerican footballUnited States United States$20.8 million$20.4 million$0.4 million
70Cole HamelsBaseballUnited States United States$20.7 million$20.5 million$0.2 million
71Jason PetersAmerican footballUnited States United States$20.7 million$20.7 million$0.05 million
72Justin VerlanderBaseballUnited States United States$20.7 million$20.2 million$0.5 million
73Tim LincecumBaseballUnited States United States$20.6 million$20.3 million$0.25 million
74Carl CrawfordBaseballUnited States United States$20.5 million$20.2 million$0.3 million
75Matt CainBaseballUnited States United States$20.4 million$20 million$0.4 million
76Barry ZitoBaseballUnited States United States$20.4 million$20.3 million$0.1 million
77Félix HernándezBaseballVenezuela Venezuela$20.3 million$20.1 million$0.2 million
78Albert PujolsBaseballDominican Republic Dominican Republic$20.3 million$18.3 million$2 million
79Deron WilliamsBasketballUnited States United States$20 million$18.5 million$1.5 million
80David OrtizBaseballDominican Republic Dominican Republic$19.8 million$14.8 million$5 million
81Robin van PersieFootballNetherlands Netherlands$19.5 million$16.5 million$3 million
82Russell WestbrookBasketballUnited States United States$19.2 million$14.7 million$4.5 million
83Sebastian VettelFormula 1Germany Germany$19 million$18 million$1 million
84Carlos DunlapAmerican footballUnited States United States$18.8 million$18.7 million$0.05 million
85Zach RandolphBasketballUnited States United States$18.8 million$18.3 million$0.5 million
86Steven GerrardFootballEngland England$18.7 million$13.2 million$5.5 million
87Jeff GordonAuto racingUnited States United States$18.7 million$13.7 million$5 million
88Rudy GayBasketballUnited States United States$18.6 million$17.9 million$0.7 million
89Larry FitzgeraldAmerican footballUnited States United States$18.5 million$17 million$1.5 million
90Mesut ÖzilFootballGermany Germany$18.5 million$12.5 million$6 million
91Branden AlbertAmerican footballUnited States United States$18.4 million$18.4 million$0.035 million
92Franck RibéryFootballFrance France$18.3 million$16.8 million$1.5 million
93Alfonso SorianoBaseballDominican Republic Dominican Republic$18.1 million$18 million$0.05 million
94Jairus ByrdAmerican footballUnited States United States$18 million$17.9 million$0.1 million
95Adam ScottGolfAustralia Australia$17.7 million$8.7 million$9 million
96Terrell SuggsAmerican footballUnited States United States$17.6 million$17.4 million$0.2 million
97Brandon MarshallAmerican footballUnited States United States$17.5 million$16.8 million$0.7 million
98Jayson WerthBaseballUnited States United States$17.5 million$17.3 million$0.2 million
99Matt HollidayBaseballUnited States United States$17.4 million$17.2 million$0.2 million
100Luis SuárezFootballUruguay Uruguay$17.3 million$13.3 million$4 million

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