Top Ten Most Expensive Photographs

This a list of Top Ten Most Expensive Photographs :

1. Phantom by Peter Lik  

Phantom is a photograph made by Australian-born landscape photographer Peter Lik in 2013. In 2014, a print was sold to a private collector for $6.5 million, making it the most expensive photograph ever sold.
It is a black and white derivative of a pre-existing color image titled “Ghost,” sold as a 950 Limited Edition and 45 Artist Proofs. The image depicts a ghostlike figure within a cavern at Antelope Canyon, Arizona. Just at the moment of capture, a handful of dust was thrown through an opening above the site. It was illuminated by incoming sunlight to create the image.

In 2011, a print was auctioned for $4.3 million (then £2.7m), making it one of most expensive photograph ever sold.
The photograph was produced as the second (and largest) of a set of six depicting the River Rhine.In the image, the Rhine flows horizontally across the field of view, between green fields, under an overcast sky.Extraneous details such as dog-walkers and a factory building were removed by the artist using digital editing.Justifying this manipulation of the image, Gursky said "Paradoxically, this view of the Rhine cannot be obtained in situ, a fictitious construction was required to provide an accurate image of a modern river."

Untitled #96 is a photograph made by American visual artist Cindy Sherman in 1981.In 2011, a print was auctioned for $3.89 million, making it the most expensive photograph ever sold at that time.It has since been surpassed by Rhein II.A sort of kitschy orange suffuses ''Untitled No. 96,'' in which Ms. Sherman lies dreamily on a linoleum floor in a sweater and skirt, a thirty-something single clutching a ''Personals'' ad torn from a newspaper.

A 1992 photomontage by Canadian photographer Jeff Wall, Dead Troops Talk (A Vision after an Ambush of a Red Army Patrol, near Moqor, Afghanistan, Winter 1986), has fetched more than $3.6 million at auction. Golly.
The 1992 photograph titled Dead Troops Talk, in which Wall set up a macabre scene showing a group of Soviet soldiers talking to each other after being killed in the Soviet-Afghan war in 1986, sold Tuesday for more than $3.6 million at a Christie’s auction in New York.”

The artwork 99 Cent II Diptychon from 2001 is a two-part photograph made by Andreas Gursky probably in 1999, as the work is sometimes called "99 cent.1999".
The work depicts an interior of a supermarket with numerous aisles depicting goods resulting in a colorful work. The work is digitally altered to reduce perspective. The photograph is a chromogenic color print or c-print. It is a two-part work, also called a diptych. There were 6 sets made and mounted on acrylic glass. The work became famous as being the most expensive photograph in the world when it was auctioned at Sotheby's on February 7 in 2007 for a price of US$3.34 million.

6. The Pond-Moonlight by Edward Steichen
The Pond—Moonlight is a pictorialist photograph by Edward Steichen. The photograph was made in 1904 in Mamaroneck, New York, near the home of his friend, art critic Charles Caffin. The photograph features a forest across a pond, with part of the moon appearing over the horizon in a gap in the trees. The Pond—Moonlight is an early photograph created by manually applying light-sensitive gums giving the final print more than one color.nly three known versions of the Pond-Moonlight are still in existence and, as a result of the hand-layering of the gums, each is unique. In February 2006, a print of the photograph sold for US $2.9 million, at the time, the highest price ever paid for a photograph at auction. 

7. Untitled #153 by Cindy Sherman
Untitled #153 is a photograph made by American visual artist Cindy Sherman in 1985.In 2010, a print was auctioned for $2.7 million, making it one of the most expensive photographs ever sold at that time.

8. Billy the Kid by unknown
The only surviving authenticated portrait of Billy the Kid. This tintype portrait sold at auction in June 2011 for USD $2,300,000 to William Koch. 

9. Tobolsk Kremlin by Dmitry Medvedev
A photograph Medvedev took of the kremlin, or fortress, in a Siberian town sold for 51 million rubles ($1.7 million) at a charity auction Saturday night, surpassing the 37 million rubles (then $1.1 million) paid last year for a painting by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. 

10. Nude (1925) by Edward Weston
A nude taken in 1925 was bought by the gallerist Peter MacGill for $1.6 million in 2008.

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